Mole, Wart and Skin Tag Removal

Remove moles, warts and skin tags from the face and body with a fast, simple method known as electrosurgery or cautery.
Before the procedure commences the area to be treated is anaesthetised and the skin tag or lesion is removed with a scalpel. A minute current is then passed into the skin to instantly stop any bleeding, sealing the tissue, protecting it from infection and eliminating the need for suturing. In approximately 5-7 days the resulting scab falls off leaving a slightly pink area that gradually reverts to a light skin colour, becoming hardly visible.
Pricing varies depending on the location and size of the lesion to be treated. A reduced price may be possible if treating multiple lesions in one session.
Dr Patel carries out this treatment.

Skin Tags – small (discount for multiple) £40
Skin Tags – large (discount for multiple) £80
Skin Lesion by Cautery – Body £200
Skin Lesion by Cautery – Face £300
Warts / Verruca by Cautery £150 each
Warts / Verruca by Laser £200 each