Nutritional Advice – Emma Seigel

Emma has worked at Bonar House Clinic since 2009 and in that time has become a fully qualified Nutritionist. Emma is able to offer advice on dietary and lifestyle changes in order to address your particular concern, whether it be weight loss, achieving a healthy lifestyle or symptoms you are experiencing that may be diet related.

During your Analysis appointment Emma will carry out a comprehensive health & lifestyle consultation. Prior to your appointment Emma will ask you to complete a food diary and a medical health form. Following your Analysis appointment, you can expect to receive a personalised food plan along with any relevant supplement recommendations. If during your Analysis you decide to undergo Intolerance Testing this can be carried out during your Analysis appointment. Your results will be available within 2 weeks.

60 Minutes £70

Follow up sessions may not always be needed but we would recommend at least one session approximately 6 weeks after your initial Analysis. If you have found the food plan from your Analysis to be successful Emma will spend the time working with you to develop a more long term plan to carry on the success you have already found. If you feel you have not had full success from the initial meal plan then Emma will work with you to adjust your personalised plan.

45 Minutes £45

Intolerance Testing
Over 45% of the population react adversely to foods that they eat. Using the Lorisian Food Intolerance Test, a small finger prick of blood is collected in the clinic by Emma and analysed in a laboratory for food-specific IgG antibodies. There are 4 testing options available with reactions to 50, 75, 100 or 150 different food ingredients tested. Following your appointment results will be available within 2 weeks.
If booking Intolerance Testing on its own without the need for a full analysis, then a 15-minute appointment will be required.

15 Minutes £15 (plus cost of Intolerance Test)
Lorisian 75 £200
Lorisian 100 £250
Lorisian 150 £300