Vitamin C Facial
Boost collagen and inhibit the over production of melanin, which can cause sun spots, with this facial using pure Vitamin C; leaving the skin looking more hydrated and with greater luminosity. This treatment is the perfect year round ‘pick me up’ and a must for preparing and repairing the skin before and after holidays in warmer climates.
1 hour – £45

Power Retinol Facial
Perfect blemishes and tackle the first signs of ageing with this new generation Retinol facial by Skeyndor. The treatment uses concentrated levels of pure Retinol and antioxidants to repair skin concerns such as fine lines, acne scarring & pigmentation.
45 minutes – £42
Course of 3 (payable in advance) – £115

Derma Peel Pro – Brightening Peel
Improve and revitalise the appearance of your skin with these medium strength peeling facials. Diamond micro-particles, glycolic acid, enzyme solution and biomimetic peptides work in synergy to accelerate the renewal of the outer layer of the skin, targeting your specific concern.
Choose between the Timeless Peel, which targets fine lines and wrinkles, or the Brightening Peel, which helps to even out pigmentation.
Brightening Peel 60 minutes – £55

Green Peel Mela White
Tackle pigmentation with this resurfacing treatment. Light peeling may be experienced 2-3 days after treatment and a course of 4-6 treatments are recommended, with each treatment two weeks apart.
Course of 4 £395

Individual treatments after course if needed:  £140 (with full size homecare products)  £85  (without homecare products)