Holistic Therapies

At Bonar House Clinic we embrace the holistic approach to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. We are therefore pleased to offer you our holistic range of therapies. The techniques used are based on wisdom and methods handed down throughout the centuries from across the globe.
In the true sense of the word ‘holistic’, we aim to make these treatments a complete and memorable experience for you and hope you thoroughly enjoy any one of the choices listed.

This holistic treatment is extremely relaxing and is used to rebalance the whole body by treating the feet. Each part of the foot is said to mirror the anatomy of the body and stimulation of specific pressure points can trigger the body’s natural healing processes. This treatment is effective for relieving a wide range of problems including tension, headaches, insomnia, eczema, digestive and hormonal problems. It also helps to contend with busy lifestyles and varying emotions.

Consultation and first treatment 1 hour 15 minutes £40
Further treatments 55 minutes £35

Indian Head Massage
Relieve muscle tension, headaches, sinus problems and eyestrain and also improve concentration with this deeply soothing treatment. Massage of the scalp, face, neck and shoulders will help to rebalance the natural energy flow, relaxing both the mind and body, while also creating an all-round feeling of well-being.

45 minutes £30/td>

Hopi Ear Candle
Help relieve many ailments associated with the ear including excess ear wax, tinnitus and headaches using ear candles impregnated with essential oils. Pressure is relieved within the ear, forehead and sinuses and the natural cleansing process is boosted by the stimulation of the lymph glands. This is a deeply relaxing treatment and need not be reserved just to relieve ailments. Enjoy it for enjoyments sake.

Initial treatment and consultation 1 hour £35
Follow up treatments 45 minutes £30