Permanent Make-Up

Enhance your looks and free yourself from the chore of daily make-up application by defining your eyes, brows and lips with Permanent Make Up. With so many Permanent Make Up Artists now offering treatment it is essential that you are comfortable you have chosen a Permanent Make Up Artist that you are comfortable will work with you to deliver the look you want.

We have two Permanent Make-Up Artists –  Kelly Wood & Diahann Berridge, who have both trained with Nouveau Contour the Country’s leading Permanent Make Up Specialists. They pride themselves on having built their own client base by word of mouth referrals from happy clients who love the results of their treatment.

During every treatment a sterile disposable needle is used to tattoo natural hypoallergenic pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. The speed at which the pigment fades over time will vary from person to person but in general it is recommended that a top-up procedure is carried out every 12-18 months in order to maintain the desired colour of the tattoo.

Both Kelly or Diahann would be happy to meet with you for a free of charge consultation, in which they can show you a portfolio of their previous work and discuss the techniques and colours available to enhance your individual look.