Diahann Berridge

Diahann is one of the country’s leading semi-permanent make-up specialists. After learning the technique of applying semi-permanent make-up in Paris in early 1989, she became a trainer, teaching other beauty therapists to carry out the fine skills necessary. Diahann visits our clinic every month.

Diahann also offers semi-permanent make-up treatment for the nipple and treatment for camouflage. Please enquire for further details.

Treatment* Price Top-up within a year Top-up after a year
Eyebrows £440   £310
Lip Line £450   £315
Lip Full Blush plus line (2 procedures) £640    
If 3rd is required £205 £160 for all top-  
Eye Line (top only) £345 ups within a year  
Eye Line (bottom only) £320   £240
Eye Line (top & bottom) £475   £330
Eyelash Enhancement (top only) £320   £240
Eyelash Enhancement (top & bottom) £440   £310
Beauty Spot (one treatment only) £150    

• If last treatment 3 years or longer and faded – full price.
• Full prices are inclusive of two treatments only. Top-up prices one appointment only. Deposit required upon booking.
• A patch test must be carried out prior to first appointment
• No card payment – cash or cheque only